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Our mission at Alpha Cosmo Limited is to provide you with a distinctive service and to ensure that high quality products are offered at competitive prices. Within the fast changing global environment, we strive to have the flexibility and understanding to attend to our clients individual needs. Moreover, our aim is to build successful business partners so that we can offer our clients the best possible value in the marketplace. 

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The founder of Alpha Cosmo Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in international trade and in the manufacturing of hotel amenities. Every manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses and knows it can be a challenging process to produce goods and services in this competitive world. In order to offer the most competitive products to our clients, we analyse every product and manufacturing partner carefully, and are therefore able to supply a wide variety of products according to different client requirements. Understanding our customer's needs is a top priority for us!


Alpha Cosmo Ltd. highly supports environmentally friendly products. We take our social responsibility serious and promote the use of green packaging such as recyclable cardboard, bags and bottles. We also understand the need to cut down on energy elsewhere which is why we are in favor of different forms of clean and renewable energy.


​Innovation is a word that is almost overused these days and we do not wish to overstate the need for more creativity. We promote products that are simple yet pleasing to the eye, items which will intrigue your senses. We always greet the world with an open mind, and we’re looking for business partners who share the same philosophy as we do. Please come and talk to us, and together we can satisfy your every need.

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